Federico Heinz

Federico Heinz (Argentina) is programmer and free software activist and co-founder of Vía Libre foundation, which promotes free knowledge as the driver for social development. He has tendered advice to many parliamentarians in various Latin American countries on the preparation of bills concerning the use of free software in public administration.

Benjamin Mako Hill

Benjamin Mako Hill (USA) is a researcher and PhD Candidate at MIT and a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. He studies social structure in free culture and free software communities and is an active participant in many free software and free culture projects.

Mike Linksvayer

Mike Linksvayer (USA) is a Senior Fellow at Creative Commons, where he served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President from 2003 to 2012. One of his main obsessions is forming connections among software freedom and other commons movements. He blogs at http://gondwanaland.com/mlog.

Julio César Gaitán

Julio César Gaitán (Colombia) is Director of the Justice Department at Del Rosario University, Bogotá, and has a master’s degree in public law and a doctoral degree in evolution of legal systems and new rights. He does research on pluralism and legal cultures, sociology of knowledge and the formation of prejudices.

Carolina Botero

Carolina Botero (Colombia) is an activist, consultant and lawyer with master’s degrees from universities in Belgium and Spain. She is an author and lecturer on free access, free culture and authors’ rights. She leads the Group Rights Internet and Society at Karisma Foundation and serves as Legal Lead for Creative Commons Colombia and Co-Manager for Latin America.

Christian Siefkes

Christian Siefkes (Germany) is a software engineer who lives in Berlin. His main research interest is the emancipatory potential of free software and other forms of commons-based peer production. He blogs at http://keimform.de. His publications include From Exchange to Contributions (Berlin 2007) and The Emergence of Benefit-driven Production (Proceedings of OKCon 2011).

Adriana Sánchez

Adriana Sánchez (Costa Rica) is a philologist. She is also a practitioner in the field of social uses of ICTs. Working at Sulá Batsú R.L, she is part of the “Cultura Libre CR” group, a meeting point of academics, artists, FLOSS developers, producers, farmers and other cultural managers from the country, promoted by Creative Commons.

Gustavo Soto Santiesteban

Gustavo Soto Santiesteban (Bolivia) is a writer, semiotician and consultant on issues of indigenous rights. He is researcher at the Center of Applied Studies of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Centro de Estudios Aplicados a los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales). He is a lecturer of semiotics, philosophy of language and epistemology at different Bolivian universities.

Elina Marmer

Elina Marmer (Germany) has a PhD in climate research and investigates climate adaptation strategies in African countries at micro and macro levels. She is a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Hamburg and an associate member of the research group, Climate Change and Security, KlimaCampus, Hamburg.

Papa Sow

Papa Sow (Senegal) is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany. He received his PhD in Geography from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. He was granted a Marie Curie Fellowship to research polygamous marriages in Europe in 2009–2011. His research involves socio-economic, environmental, climatic and demographic changes between Africa and Europe.


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